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Friday, April 9, 2010


How do people live without God? I mean, I know how they live physically. But how do you find meaning in your life? You can't find it through social standing, money, sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything physical.

If I didn't believe in God, I'm telling you I would be one really angry, depressed person. What would there be to look forward to? What would be the purpose to even live if God didn't exist?

God is always there for me when I need him. Weather I notice him or not. He's there for me when I'm sad, angry, frustrated, depressed, etc. He is the reason I wake up in the morning, my reason to hope for the future, my reason why I can forget my past mistakes, and my reason to live.

He is the reason I live!

He is the reason why many of us live today and will live forevermore with him when we die. And the most amazing thing is.............

We don't deserve any of it.

So, is God the reason why you live? Why you hope for tomorrow? Or do you not believe in God? I am not judging you, I am only feeling sorry for you. Because even if you had all the riches in the world, I wouldn't trade it for God. I would much rather live in a shack than ever give up God. He is my reason to live, and I hope that He will be yours someday.